The pranic food

The pranic food

Pranic food

The human organism knows how to live without absorbing of conventional food. It is registered in the cellular memory.

What is the pranic food ?

Le world moves forward ! We know today that it is possible to take the place of conventional food by feeding only on light, the vital energy called prâna. Contrary to the physical food, the pranic food is immaterial. Twenty thousand followers show of this extraordinary lifestyle, as an invigorating, joyful and freedom experience, of peace and Love.

The prâna

It is the essential light spread for the creation of our universe, and that lenlightens the consciousness. It is the breath of life which livens up all the creation. We feed on it in good conscience, by the breath, by all the senses, and we reach it by the meditation, the exercises of breath, and a connection to the light source. Then, when this mode of food is anchored, it is not necessary any more to think of it. The process of the food pranique is a reversible mode, each acts according to its free will. When we eat a fruit, it is not the flesh of the fruit that feeds us because we evacuate it after digestion, but it is the contained energy in the fruit which transmutes in our flesh. And this energy it is Prâna.

 Our real human potential

To feed on prâna is not a miracle, it is the connection with this superior power that we call God. Free itself from solid foods, it is to open the way to the achivement of our real human potential.

” The idea of Prâna as food exists from immemorial time. The universal Spirit and Akashiques archives tell that one time ago when all the beings were fed by the pranic strengths. The pranique food is the capacity to attract and to absorb, from the strength of universal life, all the nutriments, the vitamins and the necessary minerals to maintain a physica,l emotional, mental, and spiritual healthy being. “. (Jasmuheen)

” I lived since 2002 on a new continent which few people know and survey, but which is accessible today if we get ready for it carefully. Few paths are still drawn there. There is mine and I know it, and it is of this one only that I give evidence “. (Henri Monfort)

” Live on love alone, a wager ?! I can from now on, as many more people, testify of the possible. Since January 11th, 2010, I undertook to travel light. The pranique food opened me the doors of a world which I anticipated, and which formulates for me the expression of the freedom today. We are in the beginning of new one paradigm in which the extraordinary impact invites us in all to participate. The prana frees from the major addiction that is the conventional food and open to a new way of looking and of liking the Life in all that it conceal of beauty and possibilities. The food pranique, it is a singular way beyond any dogmatism and proselytism, in the simplicity of an opening to the spiritual Being constantly evolving”. (Domenico)


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